"I would like to paint the way a bird sings" - Claude Monet


Hello there and welcome!

I'm Kaitlyn DeSpain. An artist among all mediums, an illustrator, a designer, a creator.  My love for storytelling is the most important ingredient in everything that I do!
I was born and raised in Northern California, journeyed to Southern California, and recently found myself in Indianapolis, Indiana. The best part about moving somewhere completely new is discovering your community. I've found that wherever I may be, community is unique.
Community has allowed me to design for some amazing local businesses, including breweries, meaderies, coffee shops, etc. I've been very fortunate to explore new cities and find my place within Indianapolis!
I recently launched my custom wedding services, including wedding stationery, linens, and other various wedding related details! Newly engaged, I wanted to design something meaningful for my invitations. I found that I LOVED designing my own invitations and I was (embarrassingly) sad when I had completed them. I knew I had to turn this newfound love into a business!

Get out there and make something great! xo, Kaitlyn